I would like to follow-up on my previous article in Skiathos Life concerning the “Golden source of income” from tourism interested in diving, with which I fully concur.

I bring up a situation that impacts another form of tourism, which even though it is established, steady and escalating on the island, it is not handled properly. The tourism I’m talking about arrives to Skiathos via Charter Yachts. The reason that the Charter Yachts are leaving Skiathos is because of the docking and binding area.

The larger companies such as Dream, Kiriakoulis, Istion, Verikos, Athenian, etc, are being pressured by the Brokers to move the charter base to a neighboring area because there is no guarantee for the mooring of the yachts for next season. As noted, the Brokers already began to prepare for the move since last October. 13,000 to 15,000 tourists yearly arrive on the island through the charter yachts.

A typical weeks schedule for a yacht is for example: Arrival to Skiathos which means: airport, taxi, fuel, rooms, groceries for seven days, souvenirs, restaurants, cafeterias etc. the next four days are spent at nearby islands and the sixth day return to Skiathos and begin another weeks program for the next customers. With a few words, it is not an inconsequential amount of money that this form of tourism brings to the island. As a citizen and business person per say, I would not like for us to “push” all this away to a neighboring island.

Also I don’t even want to think that we have not shown the required concern as citizens, community, and business people to prevent this movement. I humbly propose that we take this serious and try to bring people to the island and not push them away.

Kandarakia Dialechti