A lot of visitors are under the impression that Skiathos has little to none local production and hence do not bother to look for souvenir-commodities to purchase. This is far from true! Lately the island has not been exporting as much as in the past, for example olives, oil or hand-woven textiles, yet locals still deliver their homemade crafts. Unfortunatelly, most of it gets lost among imported foreign merchandice that swells the market. One would have to be up for a treasure hunt to find these special little goods, an idea not so bad especially while on vacation! Here we present some local gems you can keep an eye out for.

To begin with, the Women’s Society of Skiathos makes the original greek tradittional sweets “on the spoon”, which you can try in their little yellow kiosk down at the Old Port, along with honey and fine liquers.

Homemade wine is an excellent choice for a drink, all stages from harvest to bottling carried out by local farmers.

There is also a handfull of artists in the island, mostly painters, to name a few D.Mitselou and sculptor S.Tsibliarakis, whose craftmaship has vivid folklore elements.

Finally, there are some in the land of Papadiamantis who -to this day- carry the writing flair, like K. Delakouvia-Koutrouba and G.Sanidas, humble guardians of the island’s history and literature spirit, their work unveiling an alternative aspect of Skiathos.

“A book always makes the perfect gift for a loved one, a reminder of precious travelling memories.”


translated by V.Peristeropoulou