Skiathos’s airport «Alexandros Papapdiamantis» has turned into one of the hottest plane spotting spots globaly. People gather on the street behind the landing area to watch planes passing right above their heads!


«Skiathos’s airport is considered the Saint Martin of Europe! It gathers tourists from all over the world who film the spectacle. A selfie with a plane is not something you get every day!» says the director of the airport, mr. S. Labropoulos.

In addition, the local municpality is planning to make Skiathos an official destination for plane spotting globaly. «There are warning signs all around the area so people know how to stay safe and keep the right distance. We believe it is a hotspot that can attract more attention from plane lovers!» says the new elected mayor, mr.T. Tzoumas.

The airport is located just outside Skiathos town, in Agios Georgios bay, easy to reach on foot- definately an adventure worth experiencing.