Tengeri Kajak is a group from Hungary who travel the world on their kajak. Their team comes to Skiathos every year in order to have a week of adventure travelling around the island on their board and experiencing the beauty of nature.

“Skiathos is a beautiful place with almost no wind, no big crowds and protected bays which is why we prefer it.” says Gary, member of the tengeri cajak team. “We avoid hotels and camp on the beach instead, the weather is nice and the scenery breathtaking. We enjoy the local restaurants and can never refuse a cold beer!”

The group traveled 21 hours from Hungary to Greece on a minibus with their kajaks on a trailer in order to have this adventure. They have been to many places around the globe, including Asia, North Europe and of course the Greek isles. They keep all their belongings in their cannoos while at sea and sail around discovering new places.

“Being in nature is one of the best experiences! Today we visited Tsougrias, now we are taking a break at Megali Ammos and later we are having a tour around the village. We have already been to Aselinos. Arkos, Kastro enen Katigiorgis. One beach is prettier than the other in this island!”

As for the difficulties they might face on their trip, the team seems quite confident. “We are not bothered by bad weather, we have warm clothes and raincoats and besides, it never gets too cold in Greece! I remember last year we had to stay in Lalaria for a couple of days because of the wind. It was unexpected but we always carry food and water and the scenery was breathtaking! We have learned how to help each other when in need. Kajaking taught us the team spirit. ”


Article by V.Peristeropoulou