O Χάρης Βαρσάκης απολάμβανε να κάθεται στο τραπεζάκι έξω από το εργαστήριο του

Haralabos Varsakis was born in Athens in 1947. He manifested his art talent since he was a little boy. When he was young, he used to work and travel around the Greek isles restoring pictures and murals in monasteries. That’s how he ended up in Skiathos and fell so in love with the island he decided to stay.

Varsakis opened his workshop in 1975, first with antiques and later selling jewlery. His real thing, though, was being an artist. He has painted over 60 works of art focusing on mythology, all done in his own style and technique. Some of his inspiration artists include Salvadore Dali and Ieronimus Bosch. One would see Varsakis always sitting in his little table outside the workshop in his neighborhood.

At the age of 72, Haralabos Varsakis was dignosed with stomach cancer. He had a surgery but unfortunatelly the disease was spread to the point of no return.

His art is exhibited in his own workshop in Skiathos. “I believe his works will soon be recognized and the island will be proud of having a man of this talent to honour!” says his daughter, Gigi. His funeral will be held in Holland.