By decision of the Local Department of SEO, Skiathos Hotel Association, Association of Skiathos Studios and Skiathos Association, tomorrow, Wednesday 25th July and Thursday 26th July, 09:00 – 21:00 hours, in the Center of  SEO (near to ermoini supermarket, top of papadiamantis street opposite speedex courier), assistance will be gathered for the Attica residents.
The assistance will be sent free of charge from Greek Post to the residents of Attica with simple parcels until 31 August 2018.

The items considered necessary are:

Non-refrigerated and preferably ready-to-eat foods (canned, packaged croissants, biscuits, toasted bread, etc.)
Long-life milk that is kept out of the refrigerator
baby wipes, cotton, baby nappies, plasters/bandages, betadine

According to the relative announcement of the Hellenic Post Administration, the
Postal Stores located in the affected areas are functioning properly.
We all can now help in fact by depositing a parcel of help.