Arya arrived at 10.30 precisely this morning, on a direct flight from Finland to Skiathos. Her trip duration was approximatelly three and a half hours, but due to her uplift spirit having begun her holidays she barely noticed how time flew. What she did notice though was the temprature rising from 10°C to 35°C, burning sun kissing her body upon landing.

On a few minuites drive from the airport to the family pansion, she was blasting with excitement for being in Greece again. In favor of orienting her, I made a shortcut out of our way to show her the small gulf, the sea, the boatyard, the port, explaining how easily she will be able to manouvre her way around, since it is a small place yet has everything one wants!

As soon as we arrived home, my mother came out- huge smile on her face- hugging Arya as if she knew her forever! She offered our guest a branch of vasilikos; Arya took in the smell and thanked her, saying her face looked even brighter that her own mother’s. “Must be the climate..”, I answered and took her upstairs. Needless to say she was thrilled by the view and the bougainvillea climbing all the up to her balcony.

Arya is a teacher and she will be vacationing alone, without any touristic agents dragging her around. She looks determined to have a great time, no spoilers disturbing her short stay- positive attitude is all you need in order to have good time travelling! A lot of positive vibes from us too!

Text by Giorgos Sanidas

Translated by V.Peristeropoulou