A joint presentation was conducted on 21 February by the Metropolis of Nea Ionias-Philadelphia and the Naturalistic Club of Nea Ionias in honor of the great author/writer Alexandros Papadiamandis.

Opening remarks were given by Chancellor of the Metropolis Panosiologiotatos Father Epifanios. Mr. Christas Ioanou , President of the Naturalistic Club of Nea Ionias, Ms. Athena Papageorgiou, Manager of the Papadiamandi Museum Skiathos, and the Theologian/authors Dimitrious Mavropoulos talked about the life and works of Alexandros Papadiamandi. A theatrical presentation of “the Aiplanitos”, by Papadiamandi, was conducted. The Byzantine Choir of the Metropolis sang hymns under the guidance of conductor Mr. Hari Daravanoglou During the course of this presentation, a memorial service was also conducted and attended by the local officials, representatives of local cultural clubs and the citizens of Athens. Closing comments ere given by the Eminence from the Metropolis Nea Ionias and Philadelphia k.k. Gabriel where he warmly thanked the organizers for their outstanding work. In addition, he talked about the exceptional personality and character of the great Greek author/writer, the ubdeniable value of his works and the ever current issues written at the time of Papadiamandis and still apply today.