Are you looking a twist in your fitness scedule while in Skiathos this summer? Spice up your vacation with a revitalizing yoga session!

You can enjoy private or group Morning Yoga sessions at the pool garden of a luxury Villa overlooking Vasilias beach, with Marianna Broshka, personal trainner and Yoga Instructor.

Marianna, who was recently invited in the private SAFAD YACTH to have an exclusive family yoga session with Arabian VIP visitors, says:

«It is amazing to wake up in the morning and fill your body and mind with posistive energy. Excersing in nature, feeling the summer breeze, meditating in front of the sea, these are the vibes nourishing oneself with peace and happiness!»

You can find Marianna in Facebook Μαριάνα Μπροσκα and Instagram @hannahskiathos_yoga