If you’re anywhere near water in Greece on Sunday 18th of August, you must go to the nearest lighthouse as Greece’s navy will be opening twenty-eight lighthouses to the public, as part of the annual International Lighthouse Day. This annual event aims to promote public awareness of lighthouses and their need for preservation and restoration. More than 500 lighthouses around the world will be partaking in the International Lighthouse Day, including Scopelos’ Gourouni.

The lighthouse at the north edge of Skopelos island, at the Gourouni cape, was built by the Greek State in 1889, according to the date that is referred on the lighting machinery. The height of the square, stone-built tower is 14 meters, while together with the light cabin reaches to 17,8 meters high and its focal plane is 70 meters.

At first the lighthouse operated by petroleum, while during the 2nd World War it was turned off. It re-operated in 1944 and in 1984 was electrified and continued to operate as supervised until 1989, when it was automated. Its characteristic is the three white flashes every 30″ and its luminescence is up to 20 nautical miles. In 1996 the lighthouse was listed historical monument by the Ministry of Culture.

It’s located after τη Glossa towards τη Skopelos main port. The lighthouse is accessible by an almost passable dirt road from τη Glossa, from where has a 10 km distance, and dominates to the lush slope.

Visitors to the various lighthouses in Greece will be allowed in during the day where they will have the opportunity to learn all about their contribution to the country’s maritime safety, the significant role of lighthouse keepers and the importance of preserving their cultural heritage.

The lighthouses in the following 28 Greek destinations will be open to the public from 10am to 8pm:

  1. Agios Nikolaos – Kea
  2. Akrotiri – Thira
  3. Arkitsa – Fthiotida
  4. Moudari – Kythera
  5. Vrysaki – Lavrio
  6. Gerogombos – Kefalonia
  7. Gourouni – Skopelos
  8. Drepano – Patra
  9. Drepano – Chania
  10. Kassandra – Chalkidiki
  11. Katakolo – Ilia
  12. Keri – Zakynthos
  13. Kranai – Gythio
  14. Megalo Emvolo – Thessaloniki
  15. Melagkavi – Loutraki
  16. Plaka – Lemnos
  17. Korakas – Paros
  18. Kokkinopoulo – Psara
  19. Alexandroupoli – Alexandroupoli
  20. Tainaron – Laconia
  21. Koprena – Arta
  22. Kaki Kefali – Chalkida
  23. Monemvasia – Laconia
  24. Lakkas – Paxos
  25. Vasilina – Evia
  26. Papas – Ikaria
  27. Spathi- Serifos
  28. Doukato – Lefkada

*Source: GTPHeadlines