Cats being Cats 😏
Yesterday a call was received that a cat was stuck on a church roof, wailing to get down, but appeared he couldn’t 😏My theory is he wasn’t wailing her was singing to get everyone in the Christmas spirit 😏
Annabel, Amy, Sharon and Annabel landlord for her stay Luco Prifti went along to see and try and help.
No…. despite great efforts he just wasn’t having any rescue efforts.
The fire brigade came to help. YAY
Just before the rescue mission was about to take another more dramatic turn… The cat ran off round to the other side and jumped down 😏
He lives to sing another day in Skiathos 😏

Thank you to the local fire brigade for coming to help, we gave them a small gift of biscuits for the help ❤️

📸Annabel Richman