Greece finally free of capital controls!

Greece’s Prime Minister announced the complete removal of the capital controls during Monday’s session in Parliament.

The controls restricted the amount of monies citizens could withdraw from their own accounts and had been placed by the Creditors during the crisis.

“Capital controls are now in the past,” stressed the Prime Minister, adding that this was done in collaboration with the Bank of Greece.

According to government sources, the institutions ratified the relevant amendment last Saturday.

Addressing parliament during the debate on a draft data privacy bill, Mitsotakis praised the Justice Minister for the “spirit” of the draft legislation, which he hailed as an important step for modernisation, growth and social responsibility that protected citizens and especially minors.

He noted that no employer would be in a position to use data, such as that collected from cameras or information on their health, against employees or for their dismissal. All personal information will be codified and no access will be given without consent, while those breaking the law will have to think twice, he added.