The local Maritime and Culture Museum is a 20th-century paraphernalia relating to shipbuilding and navigation. Located in the central beautiful area of Bourtzi, it is open every day for visitors to explore a variety of small treasures which take you through two centuries of Skiathos’ nautical history. A notable feature of the museum is the one dedicate to the Lambros Katsonis submarine, which foundered during WWII in the island’s bay.

More than 600 maritime pieces are exhibited in the museum today. Some of the exhibits include the real-life replica of a ‘liberty’ type of ship equipment, a variety of maps, 19th century artwork, nautical tools and sailboat maquettes.

Many items in the museum come from donations of descendats related to marines and ship owners, whom the the museum would like to thank for their contributions.

More information:

Ε-mail: [email protected]

Contact numbers: 6945 10 76 26 & 6938 24 67 55

Opening hours: 11:00- 18:00