A unique collaboration has been developed between the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi in Mount Athos and the hotel complex Skiathos Palace in Koukounaries Skiathos.

Each week, the Holy Monastery supplies the hotel with a large quantity of fresh fish from its aquaculture unit. Fresh fis likeh sea bream (seed sparrows) and millet (umbrina cirrosa) are transported by road from Ierissos to Volos and there are loaded on the Greek Railway Proteas to Skiathos. Thus the hotel covers part of the nutritional needs of its customers and staff.

The hotel management claims that in addition to the excellent quality of the products, which have been awarded by the Brussels International Taste Institute with 2 stars, they also have an extremely competitive price. Skiathos Palace is considering the possibility of cooperating with the Monastery in order to to supply additional products from the Mount of Athos of high nutritional value and very competitive prices.

Known for the high level of service offered by this flagship hotel that dominates the scenery of Koukounaries, most of the attention goes to the essence of Greek taste, with products from local and selected producers, guaranteeing its high quality.

The successive awards Skiathos Palace has received for its Greek breakfast and flavors, with its quality certification being the hallmark, prove the hotel has a cuisine of high quality characteristics. The managers are constantly raising the bar for quality, with products of akin standards  such as Mount Athos fish, which open the door to a brand new framework for cooperation, with prospects for further development in the future.